Segment Match connection setup

In this video, learn how to set up the connection between you and a partner so that you can share audiences. After configuring this Segment Match feature, you will be able to share data back and forth with your data partner. For more information, please see the documentation.

The first step in getting started with segment match is connecting a partner. To do so we’ll go to the segment match service by going to the segments tab and then clicking on feeds, which is where all the segment match workflows live. To connect a partner, you can click on manage partners, which pulls up the partner overview section. Here, you get insight into any previously connected partners, what you’re sharing with them, what you’re receiving from them and what the status of the connection is.
The connection process is all managed through this connect ID, which is a randomly generated identifier that maps to your AEP or real-time CDP instance, and more specifically the sandbox within that instance.
The whole partner management workflow is controlled through RBAC. So you can grant specific users within your organization the ability to initiate, accept, or manage partners.
You can also regenerate the connect ID. This is a helpful security feature in the event that you want to disable a specific connect ID from being used to set up any connections moving forward. As an example, if someone who previously had access to this leaves your organization. In order to facilitate the connection process, you would share this connect ID with your partner offline. So for the purposes of this demo, let’s say I’ve taken this connect ID and I’ve shared it with my partner.
Now let’s say I’m in my partner instance, and I’ve received a connect ID from the previous org that we were in.
To complete the connection process, I’ll go to the segment match service by clicking on segments, going over to feeds, opening up the partner management workflow and entering the connect ID I received here.
You can see that this pulls up some information about who this connect ID belongs to and allows me to request a connection. So let’s go ahead and click that.
Now you’ll see that a new record appears with the partner that I requested a connection with, and the status is pending. Let’s hop back over to the other org.
You’ll see I got a notification indicating that I have a new connection request. If I click out of this, I also have a little notification here saying I have one awaiting approval.
Opening up the partner management workflow. You can see I have a new record with the new partner name and the status pending. Clicking on this row, I can now accept or reject that connection.
Let’s go ahead, accept.
My connection is now active.
Now with this connection active, either side of the partnership can initiate the rest of the segment match workflows. -