Manually creating and tracking privacy requests

Adobe Campaign allows you to create access and delete requests of PII data in compliance with privacy acts such as GDPR and CCPA.

Learn how to manually create privacy requests and track their evolution in the Adobe Campaign Standard user interface.

Adobe Campaign allows you to manually create privacy requests and track their revolution. To create a new request, - go to administration, and then choose privacy tools.
The privacy tool screen allows you to view all current privacy requests.
Here you can see the request - type, the request status, who it was created by, - when it was created, and when it was last modified The left panel allows you - to filter by request status, regulation, and/or request type. Let’s create a new request. For this, you need to - click the create button.
We’ll start by adding the label. I will enter the data subject’s name. That is the requester. You can change the ID if you like. Next, we need to choose - the regulation type. You can choose GDPR or CCPA. Next, I need to define the request type either access or delete.
Lastly, I need to pick - the unique identifier. This is defined through the namespace. By default email and mobile are available. Any other namespaces you see here have been created manually. I will choose the email address. So I will need to enter the - data subject’s email address into the reconciliation value field.
Click on create. The request has now been created and is now visible on - the privacy tools screen for further processing.
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Refer to the product documentation for more information on the General Privacy guidelines for Campaign.