Review an email delivery and reports

This video explains how to review a personalized email delivery and explores different reports that are available in Adobe Campaign Standard.

Welcome to the Reviewing Personalized Email Delivery and Reports in Adobe Campaign Standard video.
In this video, you will review the result of the personalized email delivery you just sent. You will also learn about the different reports available for your email delivery.
Here is the email that was delivered to the targeted customer. Notice how different features of the content editor have come together to personalize the experience for the customer. At the tab, you can see the personalized name of the sender which was achieved when you used personalized fields and content blocks. Below the sender’s name, you can see the subject of the email. It is personalized to the customer and does not look like a spam email. This reflects the subject line you created in the content editor when you were crafting the email. Customers are more likely to open emails that have a personalized subject line. With the Predictive Subject Line feature, you can also determine the open rate before sending your email delivery. In the body of the email, notice how the mirror page and greeting content blocks are rendered. Again, these are included and reflect the content blocks you configured in Adobe Campaign Standard. The mirror page link allows you to view the message in your browser.
The customer’s first name rendered in the body is from the first name personalization field included in the email. You can use the Dynamic Content feature in the content editor to deliver personalized emails to your customers based on certain criteria.
In this example, you can see how the email content is different for male and female customers. You can also see the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Additionally, you can view a number of reports for your email delivery. These are available on the email delivery summary page. In the top right corner, you will see a reports icon. Click the icon to view the available reports for your email delivery. As you can see, you have a few reports to select from which include Email rendering, Hot clicks, Fatigue rules summary and Dynamic reports for this email delivery. The Dynamic reports option contains many more out of the box reports that are customizable and designed to be flexible and freeform such as Bounce summary, Breakdown by domains, Complaints, Delivery summary, Delivery throughput, Non-deliverables and bounces, Opens, Tracking indicators, Unsubscriptions, and URLs and Clicks streams.
These reports are also available from the Reports tab. You can modify these reports and save them using the Save As option within the report. You can also share these reports using the Share Option within the report. Overall, these reports provide great insight into the effectiveness of your campaign. As you can see, Adobe Campaign Standard helps you edit and personalize your email content which in turn increases open rates, click throughs and revenue.
Congratulations. You have completed the Reviewing Personalized Email Delivery and Reports in Adobe Campaign Standard video. You learned about how a personalized email is rendered and also how different reports in Adobe Campaign Standard can help to create better experiences. Thank you for watching. -