Managing user access rights

This video explains you how to define and manage the permissions assigned to different users in Adobe Campaign.

In this video, I will show you how to define and manage the permissions assigned to different users in Adobe Campaign.
You can create your own security groups if the out of the box groups are not enough to manage your users. They can be managed by administrators that have access to both Adobe Campaign administration menus, as well as the admin console. Today, we want to assign a user, the standard user out of the box group, and a custom security group named geometrixx clothes that will restrict some access depending on the organizational unit. In the admin console, select Adobe Campaign Standard. In the products tab, we will first create the custom group geometrixx clothes. This group will also need to be created later in Campaign.
Click on new profile to start creating your new group. Type in the name of your security group. You need to follow the following syntax. Campaign standard, hyphen, name of your instance, hyphen, ID of your security group, then click done.
We now need to create the new user and assign him to the two security groups.
For this, select the users tab, click add user.
Type in the email address of your user.
Fill in the first and last name fields and click save.
Select your previously created user. Click the product section to start assigning security groups to your user. Click edit, and select Adobe Campaign Standard.
Click the dropdown arrow to select the security groups. Select the out of the box standard user security group. The user will have access to basic features and be able to personalize, deliver and monitor campaigns with this user group.
Click the dropdown arrow again. Select your previously created security group. Then click save. Configuration is now done from the admin console side, but for our user to access Adobe Campaign Standard, we now need to also create the security group in Campaign Standard and assign a newly created organizational unit to the user.
Click the Adobe Campaign logo to access the advance menu and to create your organizational unit and security group. Now click on administration.
Then, users and security. Click organization units to create the organizational unit linked to our geometrixx clothes security group.
Click create.
Type in the label and an ID. The parent field allows you to select the parent unit to limit access to our user who will have read only access to all objects of the parent unit.
For this, click the dropdown to select a parent unit. Here, we’ll select a previously created geometrixx parent unit. Remember, every product created by this parent unit will only be available as read only for our user. Click create.
Go back to the users and security page.
Select security groups. Click create to create your security group to match the one created in the admin console.
Type in the label.
Type in the ID. You need to match the exact ID that you typed in the admin console. In this case, it’s geometrixx clothes.
Select the organizational unit that you created in the previous steps and click create.
Our user can now sign in to Campaign Standard with the standard user rights, as well as the geometrixx clothes organizational unit. The standard user’s security group allows the user to access basic features of Campaign Standard such as the marketing activities. So let’s take a look. Our user wants to edit the content of the following delivery. But since this delivery was created by a user assigned to a parent unit, our user only has read only access to this delivery, and the following message will appear if he tries to modify it.
You now know how to define and manage the permissions assigned to different users in Adobe Campaign. Thank you for watching. -