Introduction to Adobe Campaign Standard

This video introduces Adobe Campaign Standard and gives a high level overview over the key functionality.

With Adobe Campaign Standard, engaging your customers - through compelling, personalized experiences - for all individuals has never been simpler. The intuitive drag-and-drop - interface allows you to build, explore, and execute programs - and campaigns from any device, so you’re always connected. Cross channel campaign - spanning email, mobile, and direct mail channels are quickly built through the workflow based interface where you can visually - create and manage channel and targeting strategies as - part of the customer journey. All campaigns need audiences - and you can quickly build the audience you want to reach - directly in Adobe Campaign. You can also leverage audiences - that have been created in other solutions such as Adobe Analytics to run more effective campaigns. Similarly, audiences created - in Adobe Campaign can be shared with other solutions to - leverage optimizing onsite and offsite retarding - strategies using Adobe Target.
With the targeted audience in place, you can help drive a compelling experience with the right content. Aside from native email - editing capabilities, Adobe Campaign is - integrated with Dreamweaver to streamline email creation and iteration as well as Adobe Experience Manager, to create an author - multi-lingual continent scale for the world. Of course, every aspect - of your email message can be personalized and - different versions can be tested with built in AB testing capabilities to ensure your best performing - content is delivered.
Once your campaign is running, you can also keep close - tabs on its performance thanks to customizable shareable reports, detailing insights on campaign execution, and results in real time. - -