Email Designer overview

The Email Designer enables the quick and effortless visual creation of individually personalized emails without the need to script a single line of code helping scale email creation. It allows you to create email content and email content templates. It is compatible with simple emails, transactional emails, A/B test emails, multilingual emails, and recurring emails.

This video gives you a high level overview over the functionality and usage of the Adobe Campaign Standard Email Designer.

Adobe campaigns Email designer, offers a fully integrated creation experience in campaign, enabling the quick and effortless visual creation of captivating, individually personalized emails, without the need to script a single line of code.
Built from the ground up to deliver HTML optimized for responsive design, the email designers drag and drop interface scales, email creation.
Start fresh from a blank slate or leverage existing content fragments, or templates to streamline email creation, and help ensure brand consistency. Like other templates and profile aspects, fragments can be configured with access rights to be exclusively leveraged by the right teams within your organization. Every element of an email is customizable through the intuitive interface. You can visually design and refine all content, whether it be promotional or transactional. Simply place the desired structural and content components onto the canvas, and utilize configuration options, enhance by native creative cloud integrations to ensure you’re getting the precise look and feel that you want. Visually define personalization, dynamic content, and visibility conditions to tailor your message, and deliver the most engaging content for every individual.
Test all elements of your email directly within the email designer by defining ABC variables on content, sender and subject line, as well as leveraging Adobe sensei to ensure that your subject lines are compelling, personalized and relevant before sending. For advanced markup you can seamlessly switch between using the drag and drop interface and code at the click of a button. You can insert HTML directly into a content component, edit the entire HTML email directly from the email designer, or in Dreamweaver through native bi-directional integration. With the email designer, the result is less time to value in getting beautiful, personalized, and relevant emails to consumers. -


The following detailed tutorials are available: