Creating content using Adobe Dreamweaver

The Adobe Campaign Standard integration with Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to edit an email’s content directly within the Dreamweaver interface:

  • Bidirectional real-time synchronization of the content
  • Upload local images to Adobe Campaign through Dreamweaver
  • Supports Campaign personalization in Dreamweaver
This feature requires the Dreamweaver extension called Adobe Campaign Integration. You can download the extension from Adobe Exchange. For more information on the installation, see Campaign extension for Dreamweaver.

The video explains what is required to enable the Dreamweaver integration and how to create and edit content for Adobe Campaign Standard using Dreamweaver.

Welcome to how to use - Dreamweaver integration in Adobe Campaign. All the power of Dreamweaver - is now seamlessly integrated in real time with Adobe Campaign. Before we begin in Adobe Campaign, we need to install one small plug-in that can be found in HelpX. Make sure you have the - latest Dreamweaver installed. Make sure you’re signed in to - your Creative Cloud account.
Click and install. After clicking install, you - may have to wait a minute. It will automatically install into your Dreamweaver desktop application. That notification means that - Dreamweaver is now available in your creative arsenal.
Within Adobe Campaign, - I opened up a new email in the new creative designer. To use Dreamweaver integration, - all you have to do is click the Dreamweaver icon - in the top right-hand corner. This will prompt your desktop - application of Dreamweaver to open automatically, if it - hasn’t already been opened.
Within your Dreamweaver’s - desktop application, you’re greeted with three options: select file, use current - tab, and use ACS content. You can either select a file, and you can use an existing - Dreamweaver project, use the current Dreamweaver - project you’re working on, or you can use the ACS content.
For our purpose, we’re going to be using one of the pre-made - templates in Adobe Campaign.
By clicking the use ACS content icon, it will use anything that - is open in ACS at the time.
As we edit, every change will - be synchronized in real time in Dreamweaver and on ACS, and vice versa.
You can use all the - personalization fields from ACS within Dreamweaver, like this.
We’re going to add the - state personalization field right here in Dreamweaver.
This edit will seamlessly sync with the content within Creative Designer.
Here’s a quick example of all the personalization - fields you have available.
Dreamweaver is now integrated with ACS. -

How to use the Dreamweaver integration in Adobe Campaign (02:37 min)

See the Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver Documentation for information on Troubleshooting the Adobe Campaign Dreamweaver installation.