Mobile Marketing with Adobe Campaign

This video explains which Adobe Campaign Standard features can support your mobile marketing strategy.

Consumers use their smartphones for pretty much everything. More and more interactions, such as web browsing, messaging, social media, and even gaming take place on mobile devices. This connection is an opportunity for you to deliver realtime and relevant experiences through channels like push notifications and SMS messages. The holistic customer journey will likely involve several touchpoints. Adobe Campaign’s workflow makes it easy for you to build and visualize this journey. Bringing together audience data and channels, the workflow can be the heart of your marketing campaign. With over 55% of emails read on smartphones, adopting a responsive design strategy is critical. Adobe Campaign comes with numerous responsive email templates out of the box. You’re able to preview your email content on a variety of smartphones and tablets to ensure your content looks good no matter where it is opened. While responsive email’s important, global marketing is much more than that. SMS messages are an effective tactic for engaging with customers. They’re easy to understand, short, and to the point. With Adobe Campaign, you can setup highly personalized messages that can be reoccurring, which can be effective in multi-wave or multi-step campaigns. Or, messages can be setup as a single occurrence in a cross-channel campaign. In an SMS, you can create dynamic content BLOGS for added personalization. You can build simple business rules, define multiple experiences, within a single message. Like all channels in Adobe Campaign, it is simple to personalize and preview the content to see what your recipients will actually see. Mobile apps are an effective channel to drive engagement with loyal customers. Push notifications can be optimized based on a triggered event or automated in an Adobe Campaign workflow. To drive further engagement push notifications sent from Adobe Campaign can include rich media, such as images, GIFs, and video. Also, levers location over data, profile attributes, event triggers, or channel preference within a cross channel workflow to enable highly personalized content. Adobe Campaign ensures you can make the most of mobile experiences by orchestrating personalized, timely, and relevant marketing campaigns.