Mapping seed table data

This capability is currently in beta, and subject to frequent updates and modifications without notice.
Please reach out to Adobe Customer Support if you plan to implement this capability.

Learn how to map seed data and test profiles with the Adobe Experience Platform.

In case you’re wondering how to map your Seed Table how to map your Test Profiles within a Adobe model platform. Then, we already have to walk in out of the box Mapping for SeedMember and Platform Data Mapping as well. The targeting dimension for this is basically the Seed Table. So as you know Campaign standard already provides some seed values, some test profile values in that particular table. So in the Seed Member Table of this profile table these are the different fields, in each field has been mapped that will be an XDM field path which exists in platform.
Now, what you see here is that this profile is the Targeting Dimension Data set as again the same profile MySQL Campaign. There is a different field or checkbox, basically a flag used in AP or unified profile services to denote whether or not this particular profile is a test profile or not. In case you want to do that what you have to do is create a new field mapping and it’s basically a boolean flag so you have to basically enter the value, enter the value one to, basically, denote that this is the flag and what we can see here is that as soon as I enter one so I can choose the value one on left hand side and then, I can choose the value Test Profile from amongst the XDM field part. So this is a test profile. Again this is a boolean value so this is what they have to do.
So, now the test profile has the value one and this will be going for every record prepared. So, you simply save it, once I save it, you can check whether it has been checked, saved or not. I can publish it.
Again, since it’s the first time it doesn’t matter whether I’m choosing yes or no but I will choose yes over no. And yes I want to send all the records from the beginning and once my publication is complete I should ideally be able to see this value go in test profiles. So, every record which will go from this particular table will have that value and that other value of that particular flag would be one. So that’s how we map the Seed Table, any of the custom field that you have added in your Seed Table then that would that should also be mapped by the same mechanism. The idea is basically to duplicate this existing mapping and then use it. Right now I’ve made the change in the same mapping itself but the recommended way and the most practised way is basically to duplicate this mapping and then use it as is. So here that’s how we have done all maps, the Seed Table mapping .

See the product documentation for more information on the mapping definition and the mapping activation