Send a proof for an email delivery

Learn how to test an email message before sending it to the final recipients.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign Standard. In this video, we are going to discuss about sending proofs. Briefing about the proofs, a proof is a specific message that allows you to test the message before sending it to the main target. Message approval is a responsibility of the recipients of their evidence. There are basically two types of proof recipients. The first one is test profiles. You can target additional recipients with test profiles even if you don’t fit the targeting parameters you have set. Next is the substitution profiles. You may put yourself in the shoes of one of the targeted profiles using substitution profiles, which will give you a precise idea of the message that will be delivered to that profile.
Falling towards the steps to send the proofs, the first step is to verify that the proof recipients have been set up by the target audience for your message that must include the test profiles and the successful completion of the message preparation. Substitution profiles must also be included. Second step is to click on the test send button. Click on this button as you can see. A box will open. From here, select the type of proof from this box that you like to use. Email rendering. Use this option to see how your messages appearance in the intended boxes. Proof. Use this choice to preview the message before sending it to the primary recipient. The next option is proof plus email rendering that combines the first two choices and this is the option that we are going to use here. Next, you can see here to confirm your choice. Before this, if you want, configure proof subject line, before confirming, you can select this option where a proof is delivered. It’s subject line has a prefix proof and a counter with the proofs numbers specified by default. To change it, go to the advanced parameter section in the properties tab. Define the prefix that you want to use by default in the subject line. Activate the height proof prefix counter option to conceal the proof number in the subject line or you may leave the subject line prefix box empty if you want the whole proof prefix hidden. To confirm, click on the confirm and all the proofs sent for the choosing message will automatically have the parameters that have been applied. Now, moving to the next step, click on confirm your choice. The recipients who have been configured receive the proofs. By selecting proofs from the drop down menu, you may examine your proofs. Click on the proof, hit the summary of it. If you have chosen email rendering as your proof type for an email, the SS email rendering symbol will appear to the right of the proofs label. But here as we have selected the combination, we can see the summary of the proofs from here. You can be asked to change the deliveries content based on the feedback from the recipients of the proof. After the changes have been made, you must resume email preparation and provide a proof again. The show proofs button provides SS to each fresh proof. Up until the content of your deliveries complete, you must provide as many proofs as necessary. As soon as this is finished, you can send the delivery to the main target and close the approval cycle. Summarizing the points that we learned about clicking the test button and confirming your choice as the proof and email rendering and configuring the proof subject now. Thank you for watching.