Configure Events configuring-events

Understand which user initiated action triggers an in-app message and learn how to configure these events.

In this video, I will explain how to configure mobile application events in Adobe Campaign. When configuring an IMAP message you need to define the event that triggers the IMAP message to be displayed. An event is an action taken by the user. There are three different event types that are available depending on what you have licensed. Out of the box, you have mobile application events, lifecycle events, and if you have an Adobe Analytics license, you can also use analytics events as a trigger. We’re going to look into the mobile application events today. Mobile application events are events that have been defined in your mobile app. In order for these to appear here in the list so that you can use them to trigger your in-app delivery, we need to configure these in Campaign.
So let’s go ahead and do that. I’ll go to administration, channels, and then mobile app Adobe Experience platform SDK.
I am using the new mobile app application, and I would like to create some elements here.
These are the events. So, for example, we could have the event that a customer purchased something.
So we’ll call it purchase. That is the name under which it will appear, and this is also the name that the app developer should be using in his mobile app. You can of course also have the mobile app developer set up the events, and he or she will give you the names that they have used, so I’m going to put a description in.
I would also like to be able to send the customer an in-app notification when they abandon their cart, and for example, when he views an item, for when I have special promotions on the specific item.
Once you’ve added the events, don’t forget to click save, and as soon as you’ve saved them, they will become available in the delivery.
Thank you for watching.