Configure a landing page template

This video explains how to configure landing page templates.

Welcome to Adobe campaign. This video was shown how to create and configure a landing page template To get started, select resources from the advance menu then templates and landing page templates To modify a template you must duplicate it first. Use the edit properties button to change the default parameters In the general parameters you may change the landing page type. In the access parameters section you can Define the targeting dimension Authorized access for unidentified visitors Preload data if the visitor corresponds to a database profile and Authorize identification using your URL parameters In this case choose a loading key and map the filter parameters with the URL parameters Now define how the data is managed once it is submitted by user choose a database field for example email to check if the visitor profile already exists in the database and associate the field parameters with the reconciliation key parameters if the profile is an existing database profile you can updated with the data entered in the form For each action type performed by the landing page you can allow it to be used for several services or link the landing page to a single service choose this service from the corresponding list You may define an automatic message to be sent for example to confirm a subscription to a service. You can also configure storing additional data when that landing page is being submitted. Finally choose a geographical unit and an organizational unit to limit user access.
Use the confirm button to save your changes. You now know how to create and configure it landing page template in Adobe campaign. Thanks for watching. -