Schedule messages

Learn how to schedule an email delivery.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. Let’s see how we can schedule messages in Adobe Campaign Standard.
The scheduled properties let you set sending options for your emails, SMS, or push notifications. Once we click on it, we get two options. First one, which is messages to be sent once confirmed. This says that messages are sent as soon as the send is confirmed. And for the other option, that is messages to be sent automatically on the date specified below, we can specify the contact date in the start sending from field, and we can prepare and confirm the send, but messages will only be sent starting the selected date and time. The time zone of the contact date drop-down list allows you to modify the time zone that will be taken into account for the sending time. For example, if we enter 9:00 A.M. in the start sending from field, and if we select Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, GMT+1 in the time zone of the contact date drop-down list, all recipients will receive the messages at 9:00 A.M. Paris time. Therefore, a recipient located in Moscow, GMT+3, will receive the message at 11:00 A.M. Moscow time. If you would like to manually confirm the send, check the request confirmation before sending messages option, which is enabled by default, and then you can just confirm the settings. The two important points to be noted are whenever making changes to a delivery schedule, you must re-prepare the delivery by clicking on the prepare button before clicking the confirm. When duplicating a delivery, all scheduling settings are deleted. Unless you schedule a new contact date, the duplicated delivery will be sent as soon as the send is confirmed. Thanks for watching this video.