Broadcast an In-App message

Learn how to configure and use the broadcast template to target all users of your mobile app.

In this video, we’ll show you how to send an in-app message to all users of your mobile app using in-app message channel in Adobe Campaign Standard.
So I’m on the home screen of Adobe Campaign Standard where this card for creating an in-app message is visible. So I’ll go ahead and click on this card.
On this screen you can see a variety of different delivery templates. The ones towards the left, these three, are the out-of-box delivery templates. So out of these we will go ahead and select the one that is meant for sending out broadcast kind of messages.
Now on this screen we are required to provide some properties of the delivery that we are creating. Starting with the mobile app that we are going to use to target the end users. So here is a sample app that I have and I’ll just go ahead and change the label to make it a little more intuitive.
Then we can go ahead and click Next.
Now that we have selected the mobile app, we’ll go ahead and define the event which will cause the in-app message to be triggered. So we’ll pick one of these lifecycle events that are out-of-box events, in this case let us go ahead and choose Launched.
And then we’ll define the frequency and duration of this trigger.
So let us choose Always as the frequency, which means that every time the trigger criteria is met the message will be displayed to the end user.
And then choose an end-date for your trigger expiration. Click Next.
Now we are required to define some content for your in-app message.
So we can just use one of these out-of-box layouts. Specify a media URL if you want to load an image.
And add a title.
Some text.
And maybe a button as well.
Then we can go ahead and click Create.
So here on the delivery summary dashboard now we can review our delivery before preparing it. So you can preview the audience, schedule, trigger frequency and duration as well as content, and if you are satisfied with your choices then you can go ahead and click Prepare.
As you can see, it shows you a target count of one which indicates that we are targeting one mobile app which in turn means targeting all users who have this mobile app.
So we’ll go ahead and click Confirm to start sending this delivery out.
Okay, at this time the system shows me that the delivered percentage is 100% which means the message has been sent out from campaign successfully so we’ll go ahead and switch the view to my phone screen where we’ll trigger this message. So I have a sample app here called Campaign Demo. This is the app on which we want the message to be displayed so I just went ahead and launched the app and there is the message.
I can click on OK to dismiss the message now. Thank you for watching.