Create a report based on workflow segments

After creating a workflow and filtering your population into different targeted audience, you can measure the efficiency of your marketing campaigns based on segments defined in this targeting workflow.

Learn how to define segments in your workflow and them to dynamic reports.

In this video, I will demonstrate how to report on workflow segments. After creating a workflow and filtering your population into different targeted audiences, you can measure the efficiency of your marketing campaign based on the segments defined in this targeting workflow. To target these segments in your report, you need to complete three steps. Step one, you need to update the profile custom resource with segments. Step two, create the workflows with segments. And step three, create a dynamic report to filter segments.
Before you can start, please be aware that the Dynamic report usage agreement must be accepted to allow you to start collecting this data. I will now take you through the three steps.
In the first step, we will update the custom profile resource for the segment-related data to be stored. This allows us to report on this data in the dynamic reports. This step only needs to be done once. Click on Adobe Campaign, go to Administration, Development, Custom Resource.
From the Custom Resource, click on Profile.
On the Profile table, scroll down to the Sending Log Extension, and check the box Add Segment Code. It will allow storing the segment code from the targeting workflow, and will make it available in dynamic reporting as a new dimension called Segment Code. To apply the changes, you will need to publish the custom resource.
To do that, go back to Development, and click on Publishing.
Next step, step two, we’ll create a targeting workflow. I’ve prepared a workflow. I want to target all newsletter subscribers, and break this down by four strategic marketing segments, which are Super Regulars, Occasional, Business Traveler, and Enthusiast.
I will send the same newsletter to each segment. In my report however, I would like to break down the e-mail delivery into these four segments and see how it performed per segment.
The third step is the reporting. Once the e-mail has been sent, I’ll go directly into the delivery to access the dynamic report.
I will select the Delivery Summary. Of course, you can access any of the other reports as well.
Here I can access all my main KPIs. As you can see, here’s the delivery we just sent with the overall KPIs I need to analyze the campaign. I would now like to break it down into the segments.
You’ll find the segments under the Profile Dimension, where we added it in step one. So under the Profile, you will see a subsection called Segment Code. Just drag and drop it onto the delivery itself, and you will get the breakdown of the delivery into the four segments we defined in our workflow. So now I can see the efficiency of my e-mail across the four segments. Thank you for watching. -

For more information, see the documentation