Create a test profile creating-a-test-profile

The test profiles allow you to target additional recipients who do not match the defined targeting criteria. They are added to a message’s audience to detect any fraudulent use of your recipient database or to ensure that the emails arrive in the inboxes.

This video explains how to create test profiles

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. This video will show you how to create a test profile and use it in Adobe Campaign.
First, open Advanced Menu by clicking on the Adobe Campaign logo. Click Profiles and Audiences click Test Profiles click the create button in the action bar to create a new test profile Enter the main test profile information.
Check the usage you would like to use for your test profile. A test profile can have one or several usages. There is the proof usage. The test profile used for sending test emails. Email Rendering This test profile used for previewing an email in the specific web mail. As you can see the email rendering usage is read only. Therefore it cannot be modified. This usage is reserved for test profiles created by Adobe Campaign Find Test Profiles in the Database. The last usage is Trap. This test profile is added to an email in order to send it to your colleagues.
Don’t forget to add the email address of your test profile. If you’re using this test profile as a trap, be sure to enter one of your colleagues emails Click the create button. The newly created test profile appears at the top of the test profiles list. To use it in an email Navigate through Adobe Campaign and open an email that is ready to be sent.
In the email overview. Select the audience card Choose a test profile filter.
Select a test profile. Then click confirm.
The test profile is then added to the audience. Save the email. When the email proof and the final e-mail are sent . The test profile will receive them in its inbox. You now know how to create a test profile and how to use it in Adobe Campaign. Thanks for watching. -