Create a workflow how-to-create-a-workflow-in-adobe-campaign-standard

Workflows can be used in different contexts, as for example:

  • Targeting to manage audiences or send messages
  • Data management (ETL) to manipulate data
  • Importing data into Campaign database
  • Technical processes such as database cleanup, recovering tracking information, etc.

This video will show you how to create and edit a workflow in Adobe Campaign Standard.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. This video will show you how to create and edit a workflow an Adobe Campaign To get started, Select Programs and Campaigns card from the homepage Choose a Program, and a Campaign In the campaign dashboard, Create a marketing activity using the add an element button. Select workflow, choose the type of workflow, Fill in the general properties. Enter a new name, Edit the Identifier that appears in the interface, and add a description. Click Create to display the workflow editing screen. This screen is made up of three elements. The Palette, which references available activities. The Workspace, in which the activities will be configured in organized. The Action Board, which allows you to interact with the workflow and its components. The available activities are sorted into several categories. The Targeting Activities are specific to manipulating the population data and filtering activities. The Execution Activities allow you to organize and execute workflows.
The Channels Activities represent the different available communication channels. In the data management activities enable you to manipulate data. To use this activity drag and drop it somewhere in the workspace. You can add as many activities as you need. To link to activities move the end of the arrow, from the first activity up to the following activity until they connect. To configure an activity select it, then open it using the open activity button in the action bar.
Once all your activities are correctly linked and configured, the workflow is ready to be started . You now know how to create an edit a workflow and Adobe Campaign. Thanks for watching. -

See the product documentation for more information on Building a Workflow (Documentation)