Manage services and subscriptions managing-services-and-subscriptions

Adobe Campaign allows you to create and manage newsletters and cross-channel communications, through a set of services. Messages can only be sent to profiles who subscribed to the service (opt-in). These profiles are identified using a dedicated filter when creating a message.

Subscription mechanisms can be set up to offer your customers a chance to subscribe to these services, notably though emails and landing pages.

Each service comes with:

  • Subscribe (opt-in) and unsubscribe (opt-out) mechanisms.
  • Subscribe and/or unsubscribe confirmation mechanisms.
  • A subscription history.

This video shows you how to create a service and manage its subscriptions.

Welcome to Adobe campaign. This video will show you how to create a service and manage its subscriptions To get started, select Profiles and Audiences from the advance menu then services use the Create button to create a new service select the service type and specify a name, an identifier and a description if needed. Once created use the edit properties button to configure your service select the message to be sent to confirm a subscription and unsubscription Here you would like to link a subscription or unsubscription landing page.
You can limit the service subscription period. If this is the case, specify the validity duration in the field that appears.
If this option is not selected there will be no limitation at all. Confirm and save your changes. Select the marketing activities length to use an email that you have previously created. Select the content blog to access the editor interface. place the cursor where you would like to insert a link. From the toolbar that appears select the insert a link icon. then choose subscription link and select the service you just created confirm You now know how to create a service and manage its subscription in Adobe campaign. Thanks for watching. -