Target users based on their Campaign profile

Learn how to target known mobile app users with messages personalized with CRM profile attributes…

In this video, we’ll show you how to send a personalized In-App message to profiles that exist in Campaign’s database. So, I’m on the home page of Adobe Campaign Standard, and I have this Create an In-App Message card visible. So we’ll go ahead and click on this.
The system provides you three out-of-box templates. For this delivery, we’ll go ahead and choose the one that allows us to target users based on their Campaign profile. Which means that these are the CRM profiles that exist in Campaign.
Then we’ll choose the App on which we want to target the users.
Click Next.
Verify the count of users that you expect. If you want to add additional filtering criteria to these audiences, you can certainly do that here. Click Next. And now, we define the triggers that will trigger this In-App message in the Mobile App.
So for this delivery, we’ll go ahead and use addtocart as the event, that should cause the In-App message to be displayed.
Define the frequency and duration for this trigger, so we’ll choose always as the criteria, and say this trigger expires on 27th of Feb.
Click Next.
Now we are ready to start defining the content of this message.
We’ve got a Title and some Message content.
Click on this pencil button to personalize the message.
Insert a personalization field. Let us choose something from Profile schema like, say, First name.
Click Confirm. Click Confirm again.
Provide a Button.
And click Create.
Here at this time your delivery is ready for you to start preparing. If you are satisfied with the selections here go ahead and click Prepare.
Okay, Send preparation is complete. So we’ll go ahead and click Confirm to start sending the delivery out.
And it’s delivered, fully. So now let us switch the view to my Phone screen to view how the experience will be for the end user when they interact with your mobile app.
Since this a personalized message, in order for the message to be displayed to the intended recipient, we advise that you prompt the user to sign into your app, and then we’ll go ahead and trigger the message. So that’s how the message will be displayed to the user and, as you can see, it has the personalization field that was embedded in the message. So one important thing to note about personalized messages, targeting profiles in Campaign with in-App message channel is that it requires some additional secure handshake between Campaign and mobile SDK. So, when these messages are requested to be downloaded from Campaign somewhere, we warn the app developer to provide the log-in credentials to be specified for download. We have documentation that is available in the product to help you implement this client-side APIs that will allow you to send them the additional credentials, that are required for a secure handshake between the mobile app and Adobe Campaign server. Thanks for watching.