Check the status of a data ingestion job

This capability is in beta, and subject to frequent updates and modifications without notice.
Please reach out to Adobe Customer Support if you plan to implement this capability.

Learn how to check the status of a data ingestion job and if the data has been ingested from Adobe Campaign Standard into Adobe Experience Platform.

In this video we are gonna see how to check whether your data has been ingested in EEP or not. So, I will be back in my same mapping which we had done before. This is the menu item that has just been highlighted, show status of data exports, so either I can click on this one, or you also see these three dots here in the publication status. I can also click on these three dots and I can see the mapping job logs. So these are the logs which tell me whether the mapping is successful or not. Whether I have made an error while mapping, whether there is a special error, whether some plate is missing, whether the syntax or the path is incorrect, et cetera. This is more useful when we are using expression editor while mapping. Otherwise also it’s helpful to check for simple things like network is not working or something or those kind of things. Then there is another heading called as export jobs which basically tells me how each job has performed. So you see some of the rows with no batch IDs, and you see one row with a batch ID. And you see the one which has batch ID has two records. So this is the same batch which I ingested sometime back in the above tutorial, and two records were ingested in this one. The other two blank rows only named at every 15 minutes, data ingestion was running, but did not found a change or an incremental record changing and that is where there was no batch created. This does not mean that, you know, something is wrong et cetera and so on. This particular batch ID is of significance to me because I can then copy it and go to platform. Go to platform UI to see how my batch has performed. So, I have copied this particular batch and now I will go to experience cloud platform UI so here I am. And I again go to data sets and I type out profile_campaign because that is the data set which I have used and I will look for the schema which is at post 78.
Okay so this is the one. This is the same data which I basically, this will basically give me all the data sets which have been ingested. Sorry, all the batches which have been ingested in this data set. So, right now what you see here is how many records, what is the size of the data in this particular data set. I told you there was one batch ingested today, one batch ingested in the last 38 days, et cetera and so on. You also see a batch ID, and the batch ID which I have copied from there is the same. So you can simply copy. I am just copy pasting this in a notepad, and I’ll bring this notepad here in front of the screen.
So you see it’s the same data set which I have copied from here and with the same data set ID.
Okay, and close it. And you see two records have been ingested. Now what if I wanted to see what are these two records? So this procedure is helpful to just test whether your setup is working correct or not. So you can see whether your fields have been mapped correctly or not so you can do that with one or two profiles. And then you can do your all 10 million profiles together or 20 million profiles together. So what you see here are the two records. Zero record one record, which have been ingested. So you see a business ID the other two fields which we have ingested. First name, last name, all of these details. Email address, gender, gives you business designation which is product manager or account manager. So these two records have been successfully ingested for the data of the two custom fields as well in the particular custom schema which I specifically created for these two fields. So that’s how I can test out whether my data has been ingested perfectly or not. This UI, monitoring UI, I can basically go and check in this particular UI, for a particular batch ID. What is the data set name, how many records in that data set, whether the records have been ingested in identity service, in unified profile service as well or not. But, my job is done with the data set itself. I can use the preview data set directly to access the data set type. So that’s how you go and check for your data sets and whether your batches have been ingested properly or not.

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