Explore Hierarchy and Marketing Activities

This video explains the hierarchy of programs and campaigns, how to create a marketing program, and how to create a marketing campaign within a program.

After completing this training, you should be able to explain the hierarchy of programs and campaigns, create a marketing program, as well as create a marketing campaign within that program. For this training, let’s go ahead and do a live demo. Here I am in the Home page of Adobe Campaign Standard. Our goal here is to store an object in the hierarchy of campaign by first creating a program and then campaigns within that program. To do this, let’s first go to the Marketing Activities section or card from the Home page.
Here I’m taken to a list of current marketing activities. As you can see here, I could filter on just plans, but here I’m looking at all the different various activities that I have in my tool. I could also filter on just programs, just campaigns, deliveries, landing pages, or workflows, and I could also filter on certain times, or look for certain activity that may be in progress, or have any warnings so I can work and fix those. Let’s go ahead and create a new program and go through that process. To do so, I first click on the Create button here in the top right corner.
Clicking on Create, I’m brought to the Marketing Activities Creation page. I can see here that I could create a program, a campaign, a new email, an SMS delivery, a new workflow, or a landing page.
For this training, let’s go ahead and create a new program. Here I can see that I have certain program types available to me. I’m going to go ahead and choose this new program and click Next.
Here I can specify properties about that program before creating it. Let’s go ahead and change the label first to Adobe Digital Learning Services Video Training.
The ID is an internal ID, and we can just leave that as what is automatically given to us by Campaign Standard. I can see here the start date and the end date for this program. In this case, I’ll go ahead and set a start date a few days out in the future so this program will not have started yet. I could also choose to give it a parent program such as 2016, or Budget 2016, or any other variety of programs I may want to put it within under my hierarchy. In this case, I’ll creative a top level program. You can also add a description here. Program created for video training. Okay, now that I’ve got all the properties set for my program, I’ll go ahead and click Create.
Now that I see that my program is created, I can see here briefly that that Start Date is August 6th, 2016, End Date, February 1st, 2017, and I can go ahead and click Create, and create another marketing activity right from this screen. Let’s go ahead and create our campaigns now.
So right here, I’m taken to a contextual menu that shows me from right here within this program the only relevant things I can create are another program, maybe a subprogram, a campaign within that program, a workflow within that program, or a landing page. For this training, let’s create a new campaign.
Here I’m given different campaign types. In this case, I’ll just select New.
Click Next, and now I’m here at the properties page for that campaign. For this example, we’ll do Adobe Digital Learning Services Birthday Process.
We’ll leave that internal ID the same. We’ll leave the start date as August 3rd. In fact, let’s make that start date on August 9th and go ahead and click Create on that. So now we’ve got our campaign within that program. We’ll go back up to the program level here. And I can see I’ve got this campaign as one campaign under the program. Let’s go ahead and create a second campaign.
Just as last time, we’ll select New Campaign, click Next. For our label this time we’ll create it as Adobe Digital Learning Services Customer Journey. Go ahead and set the start date. Let’s set this start date as a little further in the future on the 16th. Go ahead and click Create. And now we have these two campaigns within our program. When I go back to the program level, I can see the two campaigns listed here.
I can also change my view here to be a list instead of cards. It may be easier to review it this way when you have many different campaigns within one program or many different activities whether they are workflows, landing pages, or campaigns within this program. Navigating back the Marketing Activities view, I can now see that they appear here.
Here I can see Adobe Digital Landing Services, Customer Journey, Birthday Process, and I can see my video training program. Please note that all these are identified by labels here which are the icons for the type of activity they are. The folder icon shows that it is a program, and we see here this cycle here which is a campaign is shown as a circle, email deliveries are shown as an envelope, and so forth.
I could also select date filters here. I could also just filter here by Adobe Digital.
And now just filter on just the activities I just created. You could also select a start date and end date to filter on when I may want to see those. Please also note that all labels are gray here meaning that these activities have not yet started. The blue activities means that the activity is currently in progress.
Let’s go ahead and look at the Timeline view here and see how it appears there. So note that this blue here for this timeline shows these Message Center or 2016 program, these have both already been started, and so they are in blue, whereas the one we just created is still with a gray label here. I can zoom out on the timeline and see out in the future. Now also notice I can go ahead and click on this program here in the timeline and see these sub-campaigns directly within those program. And when I mouse over, I can see that specific label that we typed in earlier, Birthday Process, and in this case, Customer Journey. Right here from the timeline, if I click on it and then click on the card that pops up, I’ll be taken directly to that campaign here. Click on the Edit button, and maybe edit the dates, and change it for that planning.
In this training, we learned the basic concepts around creating marketing activities such as programs and campaigns. -