Managing campaigns

Adobe Campaign allows you to plan marketing campaigns in which you can create and manage different types of activities: emails, SMS messages, push notifications, workflows, landing pages. These campaigns and their contents can be gathered into programs. This video will show you how to create and manage campaigns in Adobe Campaign.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign.
This video will share how to create and manage campaigns in Adobe Campaign.
To get started select the Programs and Campaigns card on the home page.
Choose a program.
In the program use the create button.
Then select campaign.
Choose a ready to use template.
Fill in the general properties. You can specify a new name, enter a start date, and an end date and add a description.
Use the create button to display the campaign content.
To access the list of all your campaigns go back to the home page and select the Marketing Activities card.
In the search pane check the campaigns box in the Activity Type section.
Campaign has not started yet, its icon is gray.
The campaign is in progress if the icon is blue.
Once a campaign has finished its icon turns green.
To create a campaign use the create button.
To edit a campaign select the corresponding card.
A campaign is made of a summary pane containing general information, an action bar and a main zone which can contain several marketing activities such as emails, landing pages and workflows.
Gray, editing.
Blue, in progress.
Green, finished.
Yellow, warning.
And red, error.
In a campaign you can create emails, workflows, and landing pages using the create button.
The Change Display Mode button allows you to display the list of elements either as cards or in a list format.
In list mode use the Configure a List button to choose how the information is displayed.
The Reports button allows you to access two reports relating to the campaign.
You now know how to create and manage campaigns in Adobe Campaign.
Thanks for watching. -