Create and edit a landing page create-and-edit-a-landing-page

Adobe Campaign allows you to build landing pages which are online forms that can be used to capture information on your audiences, offer subscriptions to a service, display data and grow your database. Landing pages can also be used for acquiring or updating existing profiles.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign.
This video will show you how to create and edit a landing page.
To get started, select the Programs and Campaigns card from the Home page.
Choose a program and the campaign.
In the campaign dashboard, create a marketing activity using the add an element button.
Select landing page.
Choose a type of ready to use landing page.
Fill in the general properties you can enter a new name, edit the identifier and add a description. Use the Create button to display the landing page dashboard.
By default, this dashboard contains three pages accessible by scrolling options.
The main page, the confirmation page, and the error page.
The content editor will show you when you click a content block.
It allows you to modify the content of each page.
You can also customize the logo.
Configure the form fields by mapping them with database fields.
Or set the behavior of the form Submit button.
If needed, you can select another content using the Change Content button.
From the dashboard, you can access the landing page parameters using the Edit Properties button in the action bar. Depending on the landing page type selected, you will have access to certain settings.
Once your changes are saved, your landing page is ready to be tested and published.
You now know how to create an edit a landing page in Adobe Campaign.
Thanks for watching. -

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