Create a multilingual push notification

Learn how to create a multilingual push notification in Adobe Campaign Standard.

Welcome to multilingual push deliveries in Adobe Campaign. To begin, click create push notification.
There are two pre-made templates - that we can choose from for push notifications.
The first option is to send - multilingual push notifications to app subscribers.
The second option is to use profile data to target known subscribers. You will have all the segmentation options that you would usually - have in profile data.
When sending push notifications - to app subscribers, you will have limited - segmentation options. Notice less segmentation options for app subscriber - multilingual deliveries. In this example, we are going - to use the profile data template for our demonstration. We should give it a name.
Notice all the segmentation options. For this demonstration, we’re going to be using - a pre-made audience.
This section is where - multilingual deliveries and regular deliveries differ. You can either create languages manually, or you can import a file, which also imports the content as well.
You can download a template - of the file structure, and this is what the template looks like. You can add your own data.
Before we import, we are going to delete - the US language version, because we don’t want - it in our push delivery, and then you click the button right here, select the file on your computer, and it will automatically import all of the language variations and the content variations - for each language.
Notice the variations of languages, and then the variations of content styles that were automatically - imported by using the file.
This one plays a song.
This one plays a video.
Each variant delivery is different.
To change any of the language variants, just click the content variant right here. It will open up this screen. You can add them manually - or change the default.
And there we have it. That’s how you create - multilingual push deliveries in Adobe Campaign. -