Growing with Adobe Campaign

This video highlights the potential next steps to true cross channel orchestration.

Just as the unique experiences you seek to create, there’s no one size fits all approach to digital transformation. Wherever your journey begins, Adobe Campaign is your partner at every step of the way. A good starting point is by optimizing your use of a single channel, like email. As there are often quick wins to be had just by increasing personalization, expanding AB tests or introducing multi-touch campaigns based on customer behavior. Adobe Campaign’s visual workflow interface, along with built-in content creation and testing capabilities, allow you to achieve these enhancements quickly. Once your organization is ready to expand on its single channel successes, incorporate the next steps of your cross-channel strategy to augment your reach through the channels that best suit your business. Use Adobe Campaign to introduce additional channels such as mobile push, SMS or even direct mail. And why not also step up your game by using techniques such as real-time remarketing, to increase engagement from your customers. Adobe Campaign also makes it easy for you to leverage data collection through preference and subscription centers, to augment implicitly captured behavioral data, to ensure you’re sending the right messages to your customers at the right time. And, as your cross-channel efforts reach maturity, look ahead to managing the entire customer journey, whether they’re browsing anonymously or have identified themselves to you during their buying process. By using core services such as shared audiences and shared assets, you can provide consistent experiences using Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager. Helping to encourage your customers to authenticate, allowing you to continue building experiences that create loyal advocates. Delivering great experiences doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Enhanced by the Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Campaign brings robust and flexible cross-channel campaign management capabilities that drive real revenue results.