Create fatigue rules

Fatigue rules allow marketers to set global cross-channel business rules that will automatically exclude over-solicited profiles from campaigns.
To create fatigue rules, you need to define a maximum number of messages per profile and select a period for which the rule will apply. During delivery preparation, profiles are excluded from the delivery if applicable, depending on the number of messages already sent to them.

In this video, we will take a look at creating a Fatigue Management rule. Fatigue Management control frequency and quantity of messaging to prevent over-solicitation of recipient and is often applied using typology rule. To create your own Fatigue Management rule go into Adobe Campaign, Administration, Channels, Typologies, Typology Rules and click on Create.
Here we provide a meaningful name to the typology rule that we’re going to create.
And then we type, in this case it’s going to be a Fatigue rule type. We select the channel to which this particular rule is going to apply, in this case it’s going to be Email channel.
The next step that you want to configure is the Threshold type. Each Fatigue rule defines a threshold, that is to say the maximum number of messages that can be sent to one profile over a given period. Once this threshold has been reached, no more deliveries can take place until the end of the period considered. This process let’s you automatically exclude a profile from delivery if a message exceeds the set threshold, thus avoiding over-solicitation. Threshold values can either be a constant or a variable. And in this video, we’re gonna select the threshold type as constant and specify a threshold number, in this case it’s going to be three. The next option that you need to configure is the sliding period, and here we specify the unit for our sliding period, in this case it’s going to be day. And then we specify the number of days in that sliding period which is going to be seven. When this rule executes, both the past deliveries and the scheduled deliveries are taken into account, this guarantees that on a given sliding period, the threshold is never exceeded. So, so far, we have created a Fatigue rule which limits the number of deliveries, email deliveries, to a recipient to three, in a given slide period of seven days. The next step to do is to associate this particular Fatigue rule with a typology. So click on Create element here and select the typology that you want to associate this Fatigue rule with. So I’ve selected Default typology here, click on Confirm and then click on Create. So once your Fatigue rule is created, the next step is to use this in a delivery template.
In the previous video we had a created a Fatigue rule, where the threshold type was a constant. In this video, we now create a Fatigue rule where threshold type is going to be depending on the recipient. And we’ll use a threshold computation formula. To create a threshold computation formula, I open up the editor by clicking on this icon. In this Expression editor on the left you see the available fields associated with the profile entity in Adobe Campaign Standard. And on the right, are the available functions that you can use to build your formula. So to build my formula, I’m going to select a function inside of the Others category here. And to use a function, I simply double click the appropriate function. So this function takes three parameters, the first is a condition, and the second and third are numerical values. So let’s go ahead and build our function.
So I have searched for called Segment that I want to use within my functions, so I simply double click that here.
So what I’ve built so far is if the customer segment is equal to “Gold”, I will send three notifications, or else I can send them five notifications using Adobe Campaign Standard. So once our function is built, I’ll click on Confirm and then click on Save to save my function.
In the previous video we used a formula to calculate the threshold value. In this video we’re gonna use a profile attribute to calculate the threshold value. To do that, I open up the dialogue box which lists all the attributes for the profile entity in my Adobe Campaign Standard instance. Some of these attributes are out of the box and some of them have been added or customized to the profile entity. So I’m going to use an attribute called communicationFrequency, so I’m gonna select, this is the attribute called communicationFrequency, I’m gonna double click on it and that gets added to my rule. So at runtime, based on the value of this communicationFrequency field, Adobe Campaign Standard will determine if it needs to send a communication to that particular profile or not.

How to create a fatigue rule (04:49 min)

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