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Track the success of your Campaign Standard deliveries in Adobe Analytics

Learn how to configure the Campaign Standard and Analytics integration. Understand how to build a report in Analytics using data received from Campaign Standard and which KPIs are available.

In this tutorial we will be exploring how to track the success of your HTML Adobe campaign deliveries in Adobe analytics.
This tutorial will show you how to configure the Adobe campaign standard and Adobe analytics integration.
how to build a report in Adobe analytics with data received from Adobe campaign standard.
Which KPIs are available in Adobe analytics.
Let’s jump into a demo.
Before we jump into the configuration, you’ll first need to either create or use a preexisting report suite within the analytics that you can then enrich with campaign data.
For more information on report suites including how to create a report suite. Please see this tutorial titled 'Understanding And Creating Reports Suites" available on the Adobe website.
To start the integration between Adobe campaign standards and Adobe analytics. You will first need to configure the external account linked to Adobe analytics.
External accounts and technical workflows can only be managed by the functional administrator of the platform.
First, you will need to start an analytics to obtain your web services username, and web services secret. As you will need the surely.
From the home screen in analytics, click admin, admin tools, click manage company settings, web services.
And then scroll down until you can find your web services username and shared secret. Once you have made a note, you will then need to go into campaign.
From the campaign dashboard. You’ll need to navigate to the advanced menu by clicking on the Adobe campaign logo, click administration, application settings, external accounts.
Click share KPIs with Adobe analytics.
On this screen you need to input the web services username and web services shared secret that we made a note of earlier.
Once you have done this click refresh report suites, and then select the report suite, you wish to enrich with campaign data from the dropdown.
Click save.
Your external account is now ready and linked with Adobe analytics. You can decide what to add any time by clicking the enable box.
Once you have configured these settings this will now activate the share KPIs with Adobe analytics technical workflow.
This can be viewed by clicking on the Adobe campaign logo, administration, application settings, workflows, and the share KPIs with the analytics workflow.
This technical workflow will automatically be executed every 15 minutes, and we’ll push up to six months old data into Adobe analytics. Once you’ve linked the accounts, you need to perform the analytics configuration. Let’s now switch back to Adobe analytics.
In order to view Adobe campaign data and Adobe analytics. You first have to enable campaign reporting.
From the dashboard, click on admin reports suites.
Select the report suite.
Edit the settings.
Adobe Campaign, Adobe Campaign Reporting.
Then click enable campaign reporting.
Now you are. You’re not ready to begin viewing campaign data and analytics.
From the home screen. Click reports, scroll to Adobe campaign Adobe campaign executed delivery report and Adobe campaign executed delivery ID.
So here you can see a report built with campaign data from some email deliveries I have created.
If you want to add additional metrics and KPIs to further enrich your report. You can easily do this from the metrics check box list here.
Thanks for watching. - -

Refer to the Adobe Analytics product guide for more information on Understanding and Creating Report Suites.