Introduction to reporting

This video gives you an overview over the reporting capabilities of Adobe Campaign Standard

Reporting has traditionally been a challenge for many marketers with analyses that are static and don’t adapt as campaigns grow. With Adobe Campaign, building dashboards is simple, customizable, and flexible enough to enable each team member to see the KPIs that matter to them. Creating custom dashboards in Adobe Campaign through dynamic reporting is as easy as dragging and dropping the variables you’re looking to explore, including dimensions, metrics, and time. Reports are accessible and interactive from all internet-connected devices. Mouseover and touch capabilities provide you a richer look at your data. Adding new visualizations is simple since windows are resizable and responsive. With a variety of interactive visualization options available, you can analyze a marketing performance across campaigns and channels. Powerful on-the-fly reporting means you can quickly analyze a variety of data sets in a single view. As you interact with a report, the visualizations allow you to go deep while simultaneously understanding performance at a high level. Adobe Campaign comes with prebuilt reports that make it simple to get started with understanding your marketing performance. Every aspect of every report is customizable meaning you get the view and metrics that are right for you and your team. Dynamic reporting helps you understand your data whether you’re in Adobe Campaign, sending the KPIs to Adobe Analytics, or exporting it, all from one easy-to-use environment.