Test and publish a landing page

This video explains how test a landing page and how to publish it.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign.
This video will show you how to test and publish a landing page in Adobe Campaign.
First of all, Open a landing page that has already been created and edited.
Click the test button, in the action bar to test the landing page.
Click the change profile button to test your landing page, with one of the profiles available in your database.
Select the profile and confirm your choice, then click the change service button to test your landing page.
Select one of your services and confirm. The landing page will be displayed with the selected profile and service.
Check that rendering is correct and prefill is OK, if you activated it. Then, return to the landing page overview.
You can test the other pages of the landing page by clicking the arrows. If you are happy with the result of the test, click the Publish landing page button in the action bar. Confirm to publish. The landing page is then published and made live. You now know how to test and publish a landing page in Adobe campaign. Thanks for watching.