SocialShare.bearing socialshare-bearing

Configuration attribute for Interactive Video Viewer.



Specifies the direction of slide animation for buttons container. When set to up, down, left, or right, the panel rolls out in the specified direction without any additional bounds checking, which may result in the panel being clipped by an outside container.

When set to fit-vertical, the component first shifts the base panel position to the bottom of SocialShare. Then, it tries to roll out the panel in one of the following directions from such a base location: bottom, right, left. With each attempt, the component checks if panel is clipped by an outside container. If all attempts fail, the component tries to shift the base panel position to the top and repeats the rollout attempts from a top, right, and left direction.

When set to fit-lateral, the component uses a similar logic, but shifts the base to the right first, trying right, down, and up rollout directions. Then, it shifts the base to the left, trying left, down and up rollout directions.

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