SpinView.maxloadradius spinview-maxloadradius

[SpinView.|<containerId>_spinView.]maxloadradius= *value*[, *highRes*]

Represents the maximum number of frames to preload in each direction when the SpinView is idle. A value of -1 preloads all frames in the set. The preloaded frames are always seen at the original resolution that the SpinView was initially loaded.

Controls the quality of preloaded frames. When set to 1 frames load in high-quality, matching the size of the component. When set to 0 only the low-resolution preview tile is loaded.

Preloading in high resolution improves the end-user experience, especially when auto-spin is enabled. At the same time, it results in slower start time and higher network consumption, so use with caution. When a high-resolution preload is used, the preloaded frames are always at the original resolution that the component was initially loaded at.

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