Image map support image-map-support

The eCatalog Viewer supports the rendering of image map icons above the main view.

The appearance of map icons is controlled through CSS as described in Image map effect.

Image maps perform one of the following three actions: redirect to an external web page, Info panel pop-up activation, and internal hyperlinks.

Redirect to an external web page section-32ebe3c3a7f74892a428c5d48801de4d

The href attribute of the image map has a URL to the external resource, either specified explicitly, or wrapped into one of the supported JavaScript template functions: loadProduct(), loadProductCW(), and loadProductPW().

The following is an example of a simple URL redirect:


In this example, the same URL is wrapped with the loadProduct() function:


When you add the JavaScript code into the HREF attribute of your image map, the code is run on the client’s computer. Therefore, make sure that the JavaScript code is secure.

Info Panel Popup activation section-7aa036420af646d1ad8cdc388add0b57

To work with Info panels, an image map has the ROLLOVER_KEY attribute set. Also, set the href attribute at the same time, otherwise the external URL processing interferes with the Info panel pop-up activation.

Finally, be sure that the viewer configuration includes the appropriate values for InfoPanelPopup.template and, optionally, InfoPanelPopup.infoServerUrl parameters.

When you configure Info Panel Popup, the HTML code, and JavaScript code passed to the Info Panel runs on the client’s computer. Therefore, make sure that such HTML code and JavaScript code are secure.

Selecting an image map performs an internal page swap inside the viewer. To use that feature, an href attribute in the image map has the following special format:

href=target: *idx*

Where *idx* is a zero-based index of the catalog spread.

The following is an example of an href attribute for an image map that points to the 3D spread in the eCatalog: