MixedMediaViewer mixedmediaviewer

JavaScript API reference for Mixed Media Viewer.


Constructor, creates a new Mixed Media Viewer instance.

Parameters section-8bc3d1424c8444f193716fc8d9975765


{Object} optional JSON configuration object, allows all the viewer settings to pass to the constructor and avoid calling individual setter methods. Contains the following properties:

  • containerId - {String} ID of the DOM container (normally a DIV ) that the viewer is inserted into. It is not necessary to have the container element created by the time this method is called. However, the container must exist when init() is run. Required.

  • params - {Object} JSON object with viewer configuration parameters where the property name is either a viewer-specific configuration option or an SDK modifier, and the value of that property is a corresponding settings value. Required.

  • handlers - {Object} JSON object with viewer event callbacks, where the property name is the name of supported viewer event, and the property value is a JavaScript function reference to an appropriate callback. Optional.

    See Event callbacksfor more information about viewer events.

  • localizedTexts - { Object } JSON object with localization data. Optional.

    See Localization of user interface elementsfor more information.

    See also the Viewer SDK User Guide and the example for more information about the object's content.

Returns section-1d3cf85bc7cc4dfe9670e038d02b9101


Example section-9e9332aa86b74a5fb321375c03fdc5b3

var mixedMediaViewer = new s7viewers.MixedMediaViewer({
 "initComplete":function() {
  console.log("init complete");