FlyoutZoomView.imagereload flyoutzoomview-imagereload

[FlyoutZoomView.|<containerId>_flyout.]imagereload=0|1[,breakpoint, *width*[; *width*]]


Configures how the component fetches new images for the main and flyout view during resize.

When set to 0 , the component does not load new images during resize; image resolution in the flyout view does not change.

Setting to 1 lets you specify one or more width breakpoints for the image loaded into the main view.

breakpoint, width [; width ]
Width breakpoints for the image that is loaded into the main view. The component always uses the best fit size for the initial load. After resize, it ensures that the image in the main view is always downloaded with the width equal to closest larger breakpoint, and downscaled on the client.

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