Control bar control-bar

The control bar is the rectangular area that contains and sits behind all the user interface controls available for the video viewer, such as the Play/Pause button, volume controls, and so on.

The control bar always takes the entire available viewer width. It is possible to change its color, height, and vertical position by CSS, relative to the video viewer container.

The following CSS class selector controls the appearance of the control bar:

.s7mixedmediaviewer .s7controlbar

CSS properties of the control bar css-properties-of-the-control-bar

Height of the control bar.
Background color of the control bar.

Example section-e8caea0a303c425a8a637c2a47c06355

To set up a mixed media viewer with a gray control bar that is 30 pixels tall.

.s7mixedmediaviewer .s7controlbar {
height: 30px;
background-color: rgb(51, 51, 51);