FlyoutZoomView.zoomfactor flyoutzoomview-zoomfactor

[FlyoutZoomView.|<containerId>_flyout.]zoomfactor= *primaryFactor*[,[ *secondaryFactor*][, *upscale*]]

Specifies the image magnification for the flyout view, relative to the main view. Must be an integer or floating point value 1.0 or larger.
An optional secondary factor can be specified which is accessible by clicking or tapping on the main view when the highlight is active. Clicking or tapping a second time reverts to the primary zoom factor. A value of -1 disables the secondary zoom factor.

Specifies how the component handles small images.

If set to 1 the component upscales the main image so that it fits within the main view. Also, it upscales the zoom image so that it completely fills the configured flyout window area.

If set to 0, small images are displayed at their original resolution and display centered in the main view area and inside the flyout window. You can configure extra white space that appears around the image with a background or similar CSS property of the s7flyoutzoomview and s7flyoutzoom CSS classes in the main view and flyout window, respectively.

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