setLocalizedTexts setlocalizedtexts

setLocalizedTexts( *localizationInfo*)


{ Object } JSON object with localization data.

See Viewer SDK namespacefor more information.

See the Viewer SDK User Guide and the example for more information about the object's content. Optional.

Sets localization SYMBOL values for one or more locales. This parameter must be called before init().

See also init.

Returns section-1d3cf85bc7cc4dfe9670e038d02b9101


Example section-9e9332aa86b74a5fb321375c03fdc5b3

<instance>.setLocalizedTexts({"en":{"VideoPlayer.ERROR":"Your Browser does not support HTML5 Video tag or the video cannot be played."},"fr":{"VideoPlayer.ERROR":"Votre navigateur ne prend pas en charge la vidéo HTML5 tag ou la vidéo ne peuvent pas être lus."},defaultLocale:"en"})