Scene7 Viewers 5.1.1 Release Notes scene-viewers-release-notes

Adobe Scene7 Viewers section-0b0363fae0274737bace119f281e740f

Viewer upgrades are backwards compatible and therefore, no changes are necessary to your existing web code. However, it is recommended that you test the new viewers on Adobe’s staging environment. The following website gives instructions on how you can set up your system to access Adobe’s staging server:

After you have set up your computer to access the staging server, you can check your website to test the upgrade. For customers using out-of-the-box viewers, best practice is for you to test against Adobe’s standard staging server and

New features and enhancements section-405e47e202e54943bd843d82415c91cb

  • Updated support for Internet Explorer 11.
  • Changed viewers to use Track requests instead of Page requests for Adobe Analytics tracking.
  • Added support for responsive images using image commands and/or image presets based on image width.
  • Added support for passing localization text strings to JSON argument of viewers.
  • Added support for native page scrolling in viewer swatches.
  • Improved support for complex assets and image templates to viewers.
  • Added support for table of contents to eCatalog viewer.
  • Added support for image map overlays versus icons to eCatalog.
  • Added support for page turn animation to eCatalog viewer.
  • Added support for native page scrolling in eCatalog.
  • Added support for displaying narrow images using highlightmode modifier to Flyout Viewer.
  • Added support to control upscaling of images using zoomfactor modifier to Flyout Viewer.
  • Added support for tracking events generated by Flyout Viewer.
  • Added caption support for video (first video only) to MixedMedia viewer.
  • Increased initial bitrate default to 1400 for Video and MixedMedia viewers.
  • Added support for looping video playback to Video viewer.
  • Added support for navigation chapters to Video viewer.

Bug fixes section-83698d163c304b6fb99a98d857cd3c27

  • eCatalog Viewer not displaying PageIndicator on iPhone.
  • Images fail to display if Image Serving modifier with comma is appended to asset ID.
  • Imagesets: Image Serving modifiers appended to assetID are ignored.
  • Internet Explorer 9: s7sdk.event: PageMouseEvent: click and double-click events triggers crash browser page.
  • Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10: eCatalog viewer breaks after activating image map with JavaScript template.
  • MixedMedia viewer: Zoom button states not reset when swapping asset types.
  • MixedMedia viewer: Viewer collapsed in responsive mode if first asset is 2dspinset.
  • Firefox: Broken image icons briefly displayed on flyout until tiles are loaded.
  • Pinch gestures do not generate zoom.
  • eCatalog: Imagemaps: JavaScript error occurring with relative links

Known issues and restrictions section-368dd0dc138b44e28b49314e4ad0fa1a

All Scene7 viewers

  • Watermarks, obfuscation, and locking are not supported.
  • Image presets are not supported.

All viewers

  • Embedding viewer in table may result in incorrect sizing or placement of viewer in non-native fullscreen mode. Suggest using DIVs instead.
  • Parameters with explicit instance names in the code must be overwritten; instance names in a URL must also be overwritten. For example, zoomView.iconeffect=0.
  • Image Serving command crop is not supported.
  • Close button only works if the viewer is open in a child window.
  • Iscommands modifier does not support Image Serving modifiers that affect image size.
  • CSS style “display: none” on DIV container is not currently supported. Includes Jquery hide() method.

eCatalog viewer

  • Navigating to another HTML page and then returning occasionally causes the viewer to reset back to the first page.
  • Page layout occasionally displays incorrectly after rotating the iOS device. Zoom into page corrects layout.
  • Internal links only to leftmost page in multi-page spreads. Affects mobile devices in portrait mode.
  • InitalFrame links only to leftmost page in multi-page spreads. Affects mobile devices in portrait mode.

Mixed Media viewer

  • Sound track play is not supported.

Social viewer

  • To render thumbnails properly in outgoing email, the serverurl modifier should have an absolute URL.

Video viewer

  • The poster image may encounter “max size” error. Increase the limit setting for Image Serving Publish.
  • Video captions require a company ruleset if they are hosting an HTML page that is served from an external server that is not a Scene7 server. Contact Adobe technical support for assistance.
  • Analytics tracking may report incorrect play percentage due to buffering.
  • Black frame instead of poster image may show on iPad or Android™ devices.
  • Black frame may flash on screen during viewer load on iPad or Android™ devices.
  • Black borders are shown on side of VideoPlayer component when background is set to white/transparent on iPad devices.
  • Last frame of video may be distorted on iPad using iOS 7.