Viewers release notes (5.10.1) viewers-release-notes

Adobe Dynamic Media Viewers section-5460f4e254d44c5a95196e6cb657b7e4

New features and enhancements for 5.10.1 section-f55c5ff7f6d0406c8739de4981dd7195

  • Added ARIA roles and attributes to support assistive technologies.
  • Added “preload” modifier to video viewers to control video content preload.
  • Removed support for flash streaming playback.

Bug fixes for 5.10.1 section-50e7ea1e01dd4e1fa9c8b3e00eb002b4

  • Resolved an issue with IFRAME layout on iOS devices.
  • Resolved XSS issues.

Known issues and restrictions for 5.10.1 section-af67bc1734844f31a89a09004b558c6e

  • The Image Serving modifiers from IS commands are not added to the req=set request by design. However, modifiers that only affect image display work fine. Modifiers affecting size must be used in a complex asset. For example: {Scene7SharedAssets/Backpack_B?extendn=0.5%252C0.5%252C0.5%252C0.5}

  • Flyout viewer - Internet Explorer 9 sometimes remains onscreen after mouse off.

  • Scaling the browser window leads to incorrect resizing.

  • iPad 2 - Large eCatalog assets crash Safari on iOS.

All viewers

  • Watermarks, obfuscation, and locking are not supported.
  • Image presets are not supported.
  • Adding or removing viewer from the DOM using display:none CSS or by dynamically detaching it from the parent node is not supported.
  • Embedding a viewer in a table may result in incorrect sizing or placement of the viewer in non-native full-screen mode. Adobe recommends using DIVs instead.
  • Parameters with explicit instance names in the code require instance names in the URL as well to be overwritten (for example, zoomView.iconfeffect=0).
  • Image Serving command crop is not supported.
  • Close button only works if the viewer is open in a child window.
  • IS commands modifier does not support Image Serving modifiers that affect image size.


  • Navigating to other HTML page and then returning occasionally causes the viewer to reset back to the first page.
  • Page layout occasionally displays incorrectly after rotating the iOS device. Zooming into the page corrects the layout.
  • Internal links only to left-most page in multi-page spreads. Affects mobile devices in portrait mode.
  • Due to browser limitations, Print feature is not available in Internet Explorer 9.

Mixed Media

  • Soundtrack play is not supported.


  • To render thumbnails properly in outgoing email, the serverurl modifier should have an absolute URL.


  • The poster image may encounter a max size error. In such case, you must increase the limit setting for Image Serving Publish.
  • Video captions require a company rule set if the hosting HTML page is served from an external server (not a Dynamic Media server). Contact technical support for assistance.
  • Analytics tracking may report incorrect play percentage due to buffering.
  • On iPad or Android™ devices, a black frame may show instead of a poster image.
  • On iPad or Android™ devices, a black frame may flash onscreen during the loading of the viewer.
  • On iPad devices, black borders are shown on the side of the VideoPlayer component when the background is set to white/transparent.
  • On iPad, using iOS 7, the last frame of video may be distorted.
  • On Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers, occasional macro blocking may occur during video seek in HLS streaming mode.
  • The poster image may not show in the Microsoft® Edge browser for the first time visitor.
  • When progressive playback is used, the poster image may hide after the video loads in Internet Explorer 9.