Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK

Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK (AEP Web SDK) is a client-side JavaScript library that allows customers of Adobe Experience Cloud to interact with the various services in the Adobe Experience Cloud (including Target) through the Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network. In addition to the JavaScript library, there is an Adobe Experience Platform extension to help with your Web SDK configurations.

For more information, see the following links in the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK help:


The following tutorials help you with your implementation:

Implement Adobe Experience Cloud with Platform Web SDK

Learn how to implement Experience Cloud applications using Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK with this tutorial. For information specific to Target, see the tutorial section titled Set up Target with Platform Web SDK.

Migrate Target from at.js 2.x to Platform Web SDK

Learn how to migrate your Target implementation from at.js 2.x to the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK with this tutorial.

In addition to the Platform Web SDK documentation mentioned above, topics in this guide also have information specific to the Platform Web SDK as it relates to Target features and functionality.

Activity QA

Use QA URLs in Target to perform easy end-to-end activity QA with preview links that never change, optional audience targeting, and QA reporting that stays segmented from live activity data. Activity QA lets you fully test your Target activities before launching them live.

See Target JavaScript library QA Mode compatibility and Preview URLs.

Analytics for Target (A4T)

Adobe Analytics for Target (A4T) is a cross-solution integration that lets you create activities based on Analytics conversion metrics and audience segments. The A4T integration lets you use Analytics reports to examine your results.

See Supported activity types and Implementation steps for an Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK implementation.


Audiences in Target determine who sees content and experiences in a targeted activity.

See Use the Audiences list and Combine multiple audiences.

Create audiences

Using audiences created in Adobe Experience Platform provide richer customer data that leads to more impactful personalization.

See Use audiences from Adobe Experience Platform.

Offer decisions
Add offer decisions created in Adobe Journey Optimizer to Target activities (manual A/B Test or Experience Targeting) to determine and deliver the next best offer for your visitors on web and mobile.
Redirect offers - A4T FAQ

Redirect offers cause visitors’ browsers to redirect to a new page.

See Does the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK support redirect offers for A4T?

Response tokens

Response tokens let you send Target data to Google Analytics and other 3rd-party integrations.

See Sending data to Google Analytics via Platform Web SDK to see a code sample of how to accomplish this task.

Single-page application implementation in the Platform Web SDK overview guide.
Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK provides rich features that equip your business to execute personalization on next-generation, client-side technologies such as single-page applications (SPAs).
TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption changes
TLS (Transport Layer Security) helps you maintain the highest security standards and promote the safety of customer data.