Recommendations implementation pattern using at.js overview

This implementation pattern helps you understand and create your Adobe Target Recommendations implementation when using the at.js JavaScript library.

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Adobe Target architecture diagram {width="600" modal="regular"}

Note that the numbers in the image do not indicate the sequence of operations:

  1. Client-side SDKs for Adobe Target and Experience Cloud ID Service
  2. Target Delivery API call
  3. Experience Cloud ID (ECID) acquisition call
  4. Bulk profile update API and Customer Attributes (CA) service
  5. Profile data ingestion from customer’s data sources to Target profile store
  6. Collecting profile and behavioral data and deciding which experience to show to the visitor
  7. Experiences render on the page
  8. at.js renders the experiences on the page

Each pattern consists of different parts, with each part corresponding to a critical implementation requirement for your Target implementation.

Each part is explained in a separate article in this guide: