Notify Target

Completing this step ensures that all events that must be sent to Adobe Target are sent using the trackEvent method.

Any event that needs to be tracked in Target can be a primary conversion event or a success metric.

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Notify Target diagram diagram

The step number in the following illustration corresponds to the section below.

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4.1: Fire Adobe Target Track API

This step helps you ensure that all events that must be sent to Target are sent using the trackEvent method.

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Fire Adobe Target Track API diagram

You send the order conversion attributes as mentioned in the Prerequisites section below. The name of the mbox does not matter, but the conversion is to use orderConfirmPage.

You don’t need to include the order conversion attributes in this call. These calls ideally record success metrics that can be thought of as mini-conversion events before the main conversion events. CardIds must be included in cart-based recommendations based on the Add to Cart event.


  • Meet with your business team to identify all events that can be considered as conversion or success metrics. You must also identify the conversion event that generates revenue so that those details can be sent to Target along with the event data.

  • Ensure that the following attributes are available in the data layer so that you can send them with the conversion event. The conversion event generates revenue, such as a product purchase or Add to Cart event.

    • productPurchaseId: Product IDs that were purchased as part of the order. Separate multiple products using commas.
    • orderTotal: Order total for the purchase.
    • orderId: Order ID of the purchase.

    The following illustration shows a rule for tags in Experience Platform that should be fired only on the Confirmation page.

    Action Configuration page {width="400" modal="regular"}

  • If you are tracking an event for cart add, send cartIds as a parameter. A comma-separated list of product IDs can be passed for cardIds.



  • Use method to send all data that must be sent to Target.