Target for mobile apps FAQ

List of frequently asked questions about Target for mobile apps.

Should I use tags in Adobe Experience Platform to deploy the SDK, or can I deploy the SDK without using Launch?

The SDK is available on the Adobe Marketing Cloud git. If you don’t use tags in Adobe Experience Platform, you must manage your own settings file and manage it in your app.

Which SDKs are available today?

The Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs currently support iOS, Android, and React. For more information, see the Adobe Experience Cloud Platform Mobile SDKs guide.

What is the frequency of the location-based feature, in terms of verification about the latitude and longitude?

See the Adobe Places documentation for more information.

Do I need at.js for the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs to work?

No, you don’t need at.js to use the mobile SDKs. at.js is the Target JavaScript library for websites. The Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs are for mobile apps.

Is Target Mobile a functionality of Adobe Target Premium Product SKU only?

No. For Adobe Target Standard customers, you can use our Mobile SDKs for A/B Test and Experience Targeting (XT) activities only with the Target Standard Mobile App add-on. If you want to use Recommendations or AI-powered features in the mobile app, you need an Adobe Target Premium license.

Is there a mobile app integration between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Target mobile activities?

Currently, you can share JSON Experience Fragments from AEM to Target and there might be potential to then use them in a mobile app activity.