Rule artifact overview

The rule artifact is a JSON representation of your Adobe Target on-device decisioning activities. It is generated by Adobe Target and propagated to the Akamai CDN to ensure there is a rule artifact available as close as possible to your end users. It contains metadata that ensures precise execution and delivery of your activities, while also allowing for real-time analytics via event tracking. The Adobe Target SDKs can be configured in a way that allows for automatic management of the rule artifact, by which it may be downloaded or updated according to a user-specified time interval. Furthermore, you can also maintain your own local copy of the rule artifact using a distributed memory caching system like Memcached to initialize the Adobe Target SDK, so your stateless servers can serve requests immediately. To learn more about these options, reference the following guides:

Example rule artifact

Click here for an example of the rule artifact.

How to view the rule artifact for your client

Enabling traces will output additional information from Adobe Target in regards to the rule artifact, specifically the URL.

  1. Navigate to the Target UI.

    alt image

  2. Navigate to Administration > Implementation and click Generate New Authorization Token.

    alt image

  3. Copy the newly generated authorization token to the clipboard and add it to your Target request.

    code language-javascript line-numbers
       const request = {
      trace: {
        authorizationToken: '88f1a924-6bc5-4836-8560-2f9c86aeb36b'
      execute: {
        mboxes: [{
          address: getAddress(req),
          name: "node-sdk-mbox"
  4. Output the Target Trace via the terminal to view details about the artifact. The URL is accessible via the artifactLocation variable.

    code language-none
    "trace": {
      "clientCode": "your-client-code",
      "artifact": {
        "artifactLocation": "",
        "pollingInterval": 300000,
        "pollingHalted": false,
        "artifactVersion": "1.0.0",
        "artifactRetrievalCount": 10,
        "artifactLastRetrieved": "2020-09-20T00:09:42.707Z",
         "clientCode": "your-client-code",
       "environment": "production",
        "generatedAt": "2020-09-22T17:17:59.783Z"