In-page profile attributes

In-page profile attributes in Adobe Target (also called “in-mbox profile attributes”) are name/value pairs passed directly through page code that are stored in the visitor’s profile for future use.

In-page profile attributes allow user-specific data to be stored in Target’s profile for later targeting and segmentation.


In-page profile attributes are passed into Target via a server call as a string name/value pair with the prefix “profile.” before the Attribute name.

Attribute names and values are customizable (although there are some “reserved names” for specific uses).

Here are some exampes on in-page profile attributes:

  • profile.membershipLevel=silver
  • profile.visitCount=3

Example use cases

  • Login information: Share non-PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data to Target based on the user’s login. This data could be membership status, order history, or more.
  • Store info: Track which store is this user’s preferred location.
  • Previous interactions: Track what the user has done on the site previously to inform future personalization.

Benefits of method

Data gets sent to Target in real time, and can be used on the same server call on which the data comes in.


Requires page code updates (directly or via a tag management system).

Attributes and values are visible in server calls, so a visitor can see the values. If sharing information such as credit ranges or other potentially private information, this method might not be the best approach.

Code examples

targetPageParamsAll (appends the attributes to all mbox calls on the page):

function targetPageParamsAll() { return "profile.param1=value1&profile.param2=value2&profile.p3=hello%20world"; }

targetPageParams (appends the attributes to the global mbox on the page):

function targetPageParams() { return profile.param1=value1&profile.param2=value2&profile.p3=hello%20world"; }

Attributes in mboxCreate code:

<div class="mboxDefault"> default content to replace by offer </div> <script> mboxCreate('mboxName','profile.param1=value1','profile.param2=value2'); </script>

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