Adobe Target Single Profile Update API

The Adobe Target Single Profile Update API lets you send a profile update for a single user. The Single Profile Update API is almost identical to the Bulk Profile Update API, but one visitor profile is updated at a time, inline with the API call instead of with a .cvs file.

The Single Profile Update API and is generally used when an update must occur in relation to a transaction occurring in a channel that has not implemented Target. For example, you want to update the profile of a single visitor who performs some offline action. Actions can include reaching a call center, a loan is funded, using a loyalty card in store, accessing a kiosk, and so forth.

Benefits of the Single Profile Update API include:

  • No limit on the number of profile attributes.
  • Profile attributes sent via the site can be updated via the API and the opposite way.


  • The Single Profile Update API is limited to performing 1 million updates in any rolling 24-hour period.

  • Updates generally occur in under one hour, but might take as long as 24 hours to be reflected.

    If you must send more updates, or require updates to be processed in shorter time frames, consider sending transactional profile updates via client-side update (preferred), or via the Adobe Target server-side Delivery API.

  • The Single Profile Update API is a server-to-server API and is not designed to work within a webpage. To update a visitor profile from within your webpage, you can use the trackEvent() function or the Delivery API.


Specify the profile parameters in the format profile.paramName=value.

To update the profile for a pcId, use:


To update the profile for an mbox3rdPartyId, use:

shell http://<your-client-code>

The Single Profile Update API is for updates only. If nothing is found, a profile is not created.


  • Parameters and values must be URL-encoded using UTF-8.
  • Parameter format is profile.paramName.
  • Not all parameter values must exist for all pcIds and mbox3rdPartyIds.
  • Parameters and values are case-sensitive.
  • Both GET and POST are supported.
  • The current size limitations for limit is 8 KB for GET and 60 KB for POST.


A sample response for the above requests looks like this:

trueRequest successfully submitted

This response indicates that the response has been submitted and will be processed soon.