Get Region and User IDs From the AMCV Cookie or the ID Service get-region-and-user-ids-from-the-amcv-cookie-or-the-id-service

The AMCV cookie contains the Experience Cloud ID (MID) and a region ID for your site visitors. These IDs are stored as key-value pairs. The mid:user ID holds the visitor’s Experience Cloud ID. The aamlh:region ID holds the region ID for your site visitors. You can recover this information by parsing the AMCV cookie.

For more information, see Get User IDs and Regions Through the Experience Cloud Identity Service.

If you’re an Audience Manager customer, you can get the region ID from the response sent by the Data Collection Server (DCS). See Get User IDs and Regions from a DCS Response.

You can also get the region ID with a GET method provided by the ID service. See Get Region IDs (Location Hint).