disableIdSyncs disableidsyncs

An optional, Boolean flag that disables ID synchronization.

This configuration was idSyncDisableSyncs and renamed to disableIdSyncs in the January 18, 2018 release of v3.0.

Syntax: disableIdSyncs: true|false (default is false.)

Code Sample

var visitor = Visitor.getInstance ("Insert Experience Cloud organization ID here",{
   trackingServer: "Insert tracking server here here",  //Same as s.trackingServer
   trackingServerSecure: "Insert secure tracking server here",  //Same as s.trackingServerSecure

   //For CNAME support only. Exclude these variables if you're not using CNAME
   marketingCloudServer: "Insert tracking server here",
   marketingCloudServerSecure: "Insert secure tracking server here",

   //Function variable
   disableIdSyncs: true