Secure and SameSite configurations

This configuration allows you to change the settings for your cookies and support AMCV cookies on Google AMP pages.

The Adobe visitor ID service sets ECID cookies with the browser default setting of SameSite = Lax, which is inaccessible if the page is loaded in an iframe like a Google AMP page. In order to access ECID cookies, use the below configurations to update the SameSite setting to SameSite = None.

When applying SameSite = None, cookies must be set to Secure, so that data can only be passed via HTTPS connections.


If you are using Adobe Experience Platform Launch, upgrade your Experience Cloud ID extension to version 5.1.0 and configure secureCookie: true and sameSiteCookie: none.

If you are not using Experience Platform Launch, update to the latest Visitor 5.1.0 library and follow the configurations below, while initializing the Visitor instance:

Code Sample

var visitor = Visitor.getInstance("IMSORG_ID", {

     secureCookie: true,

     sameSiteCookie: "None"