Configuring Opt-in with Experience Platform Launch configuring-opt-in-with-launch

Simplify enabling Experience Cloud solution for Opt-in using Adobe Experience Platform Launch.

Configure an Opt-in scenario with Experience Platform Launch section-8aa1b58bf8374c938aa8cfdeddbad6ff

Adobe Experience Platform Launch makes it easy to configure and set up an opt in scenario with Adobe solutions. You can simplify gathering visitor opt-in consents for Experience Cloud solutions by enabling Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, and other or all select Experience Cloud solutions to opt in to your consent management system.

Configure the Experience Cloud ID extension

If the Experience Cloud ID extension is not yet installed, open your property, then click Extensions > Catalog, hover over the Experience Cloud ID extension and click Install.

To configure the extension, open the Extensions tab and hover over the extension. Then click Configure.

For additional reference information, read the Adobe Experience Cloud Identity Service extension overview.